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New sensation! Club event for game music



EDG (Electronic Dance Game music) Event Guide

Game music event EDG (Electronic Dance Game music) will be held on Sunday 22 May 2016 at “Social Club Tokyo” night club in Shibuya.

In recent years, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has grown into a major genre which boasts millions of fans from all around the world. Although it can be said that EDM is the center of the dance music scene, it has surprisingly not spread through the game music world yet. At our first EDG event, we invite game music artists who incorporated EDM into their own style, and beyond the boundaries of the productions, by introducing the latest game music to game music fans and dance music fans.

For our first event we welcome Denji Sato (DETUNE Ltd) and Hiroyoshi Kato (noisycroak) working together as SATO (sanodg & kato [noisycroak]) as our headline act.
In addition we have a great lineup of EDG DJ’s such as switchworks who provided music for the games Deemo and Cytus along with Hiroyoshi Kato who worked on Shoumetsutoshi and CRUSH FEVER. We also have MitsuTheGrizzly (Pokelabo) who has been remixing a range of Pokelabo game music into EDM.

In the basement we have a wide selection of up and coming EDG DJ’s as well as CDs and other goods for sale by the performers and the sponsors.

Please visit our official website ( for more information on the artists, how to access the club, and more news about the event.

EDG will be held regularly in the future with the mission to “spread the latest dance game music.” Stay tuned.



【Show date】
Sun 22 May, 2016 Open: 15:00  Start: 15:30

Social Club Tokyo
B1F/B2F, 2-17-3, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan 

SATO(sanodg & kato [noisycroak])
Hiroshi Okubo
Kato Hiroyoshi & Kawagoe Yasuhiro(noisycroak)

ADV 3,500JPY DOOR 4,000JPY
(tax incl. / All Standing plus 1drink charge)


Promoter: Live Nation Japan

Supporters: VIDEO GAME BAR 16SHOTS, DETUNE Ltd.,noisycroak
Pokelabo, Inc., Waseda Entertainment.LLC.

Production: U.K Bridge

Artist Profile

SATO(sanodg & kato [noisycroak])

They provided the soundtrack to Taito Corporation’s music game GROOVE COASTER. With this as the first opportunity these two game music producers organized an EDM unit called SATO. Denji Sano (DETUNE Ltd ) is known for his music in seminal 90’s video games Ridge Racer and Tekken. (Regarding the profile of Hiroyoshi,Kato please see the below.)
“EDM is a tool to pump up parties. Don’t pursue musicality in it! …EDM IS GAME! EDM is not music, it is game!”
Their original album EDM IS GAME is released at the end of April.


Hiroshi Okubo

Hiroshi Okuboアーティスト写真


The watch word is “GAME IS FASHION!!“

G☆E is a game music editor belonging to Command? Records in Osaka. She has grown up with games and game sounds since an early age, and learned to do “GAME REMIXERS DJ.” Her passion for games above most others which made her start to edit and produce her own game dance music (EDM/Dub…) with various game sounds, sound effects and electronic sounds. Later she got the credit for KINGDOM HEARTS TRIBUTE ALBUM by SQUARE ENIX Music, and has been producing original and innovative music using her memory of Super Nintendo sounds along with sophisticated heavy bass.

Game music edit (Sound Cloud), Live schedule etc.
【G☆E Site】



MitsuTheGrizzly is a member of GrizzlyWorks(unofficial) since 2015, a music producer unit consisting of KenTheGrizzly, MasaTheGrizzly, and MitsuTheGrizzly who all belong to POKELABO SOUND TEAM. He released the album POKELABO×EDM, an album of game music arranged into EDM. The album peaked at number 8 on the iTunes Store in the Electronic genre.




Composer, pianist, DJ, VJ, IT professional or a man with sunglasses… 
Worked on Deemo, Cytus, Ge-sen Love, Espgaluda etc.


Hiroyoshi Kato & Yasuhiro Kawagoe (noisycroak)

Hiroyoshi Kato
He is a composer and an executive officer at noisycroak Co.,Ltd., and worked on Shoumetsutoshi, CRUSH FEVER, the DanceDanceRevolution series, the Yakuza series, etc. Also he provided the soundtrack for GROOVE COASTER as the EDM unit SATO with Denji Sato. He is good at high energy music such as club/dance music and digital rock. In the past, he is also experienced in composing and remixing albums for Ayumi Hamasaki and Yuki Koyanagi.

Yasuhiro Kawagoe
He is a production director and composer at noisycroak Co.,Ltd. Some of his masterpieces are Shoumetsutoshi, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity just to name a few. He is good at producing acoustic sounds including orchestral music and loves to spend time with his gadgets trying to produce “something no one ever heard”. In recent years he has had more opportunities to DJ with Kato as well.



She is a diva attracting attention mainly in the EDM game music world. Her powerful and delicate voice based on gospel and R&B along with chorus skills are leading her to be more and more active in the music industry.

WORKS (singing)

She sang on Shoumetsutoshi, GROOVE COASTER, DanceDanceRevolution, TIME TRAVELERS and many more gaming titles. She wrote lyrics for and sang TAKING OFF and MAYBE IN TIME in SATO’s new album EDM IS GAME released in 2016.


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